Bishop Bobby Goddard

Bishop Bobby Goddard was born in West Virginia. After giving his heart to God at the age of 20, he, along side his mother began to preach revivals throughout their local area. In 1959, he moved to Chicago but vowed to only stay for 2 years; however, God had other plans. He began attending a local Pentecostal church pastored by Rev. William Hankins and soon became the assistant Pastor. In 1970, he assumed pastorate of the congregation, later renamed Northside UPC.
Bishop Goddard is known for his down-home style of delivering the gospel. You won't find a friendlier, more humble man anywhere. Bishop Goddard's heart beats with the people of the city of Chicago.
Bishop Goddard served as a chaplain at Cook County jail for seven years, and served as presbyter of the Chicago Metro UPCI churches. He is the proud father of two children, Timothy and Rebecca, and finds incredible joy in his three grandchildren and one great-grandson.


Pastor Tim Goddard

Pastor Tim Goddard was born in Chicago, IL in 1963. At the tender age of 8, God filled him with His spirit. As a young adult, he realized there was a call upon his life to preach but didn't pursue his calling immediately. After heeding God's call, he assisted his father for several years before being elected co-pastor in 2003.
Pastor Tim's desire is to take the timeless message of God's grace and salvation and apply it to modern day issues. He loves the city of Chicago and believes that God has miraculous things in store for it.
He and his wife, Marilyn, are proud parents of one son, Devin, and a daughter, Chelsea. They are also immensely proud grandparents to Levi Wayne.